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院生(M1) 専門-開発経済/国際関係







When I was in high school I realized that I really like to study and learn from books, however I just did not completely satisfy with what they offer in school and its education system. Therefore, during my highschool times I do self-study more than learning from formal school. In principal, this is what leads me to travel through many countries in the world. I wish to learn directly from my experience in meeting people and talk to them to understand many kinds of things that I have read from books, newspapers, websites, etc. I found that these experiences have enriched my way of thinking differently from other Japanese students in the university. After high school I stayed in Australia for several months and I took some agriculture courses and learn how people in Australia is able to manage their crops with minimum amount of water. During my stay in Australia, I had the opportunity to meet a few amazing people who changed my life and even inspired me to have a big dream in life: Working for the United Nations. From thereon, I have been travelling throughout many countries and stayed at many homes. In some homes, things are so different with my everyday life in Japan and thus I found motivation to figure out how to make changes in those homes. I began to develop a few focus of interest from issues I saw during my stay and began to learn more deeply about a few things. I definitely have a big interest in development studies which includes the complex social transformation of change. I realized that in order to make changes at homes, people need education and agents of change. I began to grow interest in the education - how to make a system that allows everybody to access knowledge and makes everyone eager to study more. I also realized that women are very important agents of change in society and mistreatments of women close a lot of opportunities for a society to start its transformation of change. I also grow interest in international relation as I think it is necessary to understand the relationships among countries, the roles of states and organizations including their foreign policy. Last year, I had an opportunity to participate at the 38th UNESCO General Conference in its Headquarters in Paris, France. I was able to follow a few side events, had discussions with UNESCO officers and countries' delegates. I found out that UNESCO has placed its global priorities in two important matters, i.e. Gender Equality and Africa. Although I have never been to Africa before, but I read many books about countries in Africa, problems with gender and education, etc. The General Conference was attended by many delegates from African countries and I had opportunities to collect information and share some thoughts. I even was invited to a few African gathering events which was even attended by UNESCO Director General. I understood that Africa is the best place to study on development studies and therefore I decided to get a hands-on experience by having internship in UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa in Harare, Zimbabwe during March and April 2016. I wish to focus on education and women studies during my internship and learn directly from the people. I hope by having internship there, I can learn directly from UNESCO officers and senior managements as well as how exactly people in the UN is working to bring transformational change in a society.